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Make Sure Your AC Works Properly

Summer is on its way! We all know what that means, time to crank the AC (air conditioner). Everyone had a break from running their AC but now it’s time to turn it back up to keep your home cool and comfortable.

But what if your AC isn’t working properly? That can be one of the worst things to happen during the summer months. Being in a hot and humid house with nothing to cool you down can be awful.

Luckily there are a some cool days left to be able to test out your AC and make sure it is running properly for the summer months.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your AC unit.

Knowing what is wrong is the first step to fixing your problem.

Here are a few things that can go wrong with your AC unit:

You could have faulty ducts: Faulty ducts can be the cause of leaking air. Ducts that are leaking air are not good because it causes your cooling bill to go up because your AC is having to work extra hard to cool your home and also it can create moisture, mold, odors and allergens in your home.

You could have a broken condenser fan: Your condenser fan’s purpose is to expel the outdoors air. If your condenser fan is broken then your AC unit cannot properly expel the hot air which will cause your cooling bill to rise and your AC unit to run insufficiently.

Your unit could be old: No matter how much money you spent on your AC unit or how nice it was when you first bought it, it still has an expiration date. Granted if you take good care of your unit it will last longer but no unit will last forever. Most AC units have a life expectancy of 7-10 years.

If any of these things are wrong with your unit then it needs to be fixed immediately before it is too hot out and you have to suffer through the heat without your AC unit.

Contact us today and we can help with any AC problems you might have!

Posted by kernesto at 4/28/2017 7:56:00 PM
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