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Maintenance Tips All Pet Owners Should Know About

Pets can be one of the most rewarding relationships in any home. They offer unconditional love, comfort, entertainment and endless joy. However, they can also wreak havoc on your home's HVAC system if not maintained properly so here's a few tips to keep in mind.   

Fuzzy Filters
For pet owners that know the struggle of shedding season or even worse, a year-round shedder, you're familiar with the constant need to vacuum, dust, mop and shampoo carpets but you may not be thinking of all the fur that is getting into your duct work or being pulled in by the fresh air returns. Depending on the type and quality of filters they are usually recommended to be replaced every 30-90 days, but if you have a frequent or heavy shedding pet you may want to check and replace those furnace filters more frequently. Fuzzy filters means less air flow passing through the furnace which can result in choking or overheating system components, leading to unexpected maintenance expenses.

Electrical Connections
I've personally been guilty of not checking or hiding wires to the outside condensing unit and paid a hefty repair for the chewed up wires and blown fuses that resulted from my 4 legged friend looking for a tasty treat (or maybe dental floss?). Make sure that your refrigerant lines are properly insulated and that any electrical connections are covered and safely tucked away. 

Floor Vents
Every so often you may walk by a vent and notice it is dirty, rusty or a little bent out of shape. It's a good idea to check the vents to ensure they haven't been accidentally closed by a playful furry friend and especially to check inside for an abundance of fur. It only takes a few minutes to pop those vents out and vacuum inside, just be careful that you do not push down inside the duct with a vacuum hose or your hand- a disconnected duct heating your crawl space is not very energy efficient! 

Urine Corrosion
If your dog is a leg-lifter it may be in your best interest to enclose the outside condensing unit. Pet urine is highly acidic and will eat away the fins of your condenser causing you to purchase a new unit before it has reached its life expectancy. There are plenty of eye-pleasing methods of enclosing your unit and with Pinterest and Google at our fingertips, why not be crafty and add some charm to your backyard? 

Posted by butleradmin at 1/19/2018 11:19:00 PM
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