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Why Is A Fall Furnace Service So Important?

After what felt like a long, scorching hot summer in the Boise area most may not be ready or excited to think about the heating season that's quickly approaching, however here are a few reasons why it should be #1 on your To-Do list:

1. Prevention is the best cure! Think of cleaning your furnace like you do changing the oil in your vehicle, if you want to prolong the life of your furnace then you'll want to get it serviced and cleaned every year. If it’s not cleaned often enough your system’s air flow could be reduced causing it to run less efficiently. It could also cause parts to wear down and fail, leading to a costly repair in the future.

2. Think of the savings! Some companies offer discounted pricing for preferred customers with current service agreements. What this means for you

Posted by butleradmin at 9/12/2017 7:55:00 PM
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